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Jumbo Mortgage Lenders

Jumbo Mortgage Menders Loan Programs and Requirements

A jumbo loan is a mortgage that exceeds the conforming loan limit set by the FHFA for a given area. The most common conforming Florida jumbo  loan limit is $510,400, which means any Florida mortgage that’s larger than that is considered  a jumbo loan. Loans above these limits cannot be backed by government entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That makes them inherently riskier than a conforming loan.

Jumbo Mortgage Lenders are for Florida borrowers looking to buy or refinance a home that exceeds Florida conforming loan limits (the limit on conforming loans is $510,400  in most areas of the country). FHA mortgage lenders Jumbo program is a great way to buy a luxury Florida home.

Jumbo Florida mortgage lenders  offers a suite of Jumbo Mortgage Lenders products for Florida home buyers.. Through these three options, our Florida jumbo mortgage applicants  are provided choices in structuring their loan based on eligibility. With each choice, flexibility with eligibility requirements are considered for jumbo mortgage approval.

Florida Jumbo Mortgage Lenders Requirements

Jumbo Mortgage Lenders borrowers often have a lower debt-to-income ratio, a higher credit score, and a larger down payment. jumbo mortgage lendersl offers three Jumbo Mortgage Lenders Programs in Florida:

Florida Jumbo Mortgage Options

  1. FICO credit score minimum: 600
  2. Finance up to $5 million
  3. Florida investment properties are eligible
  4. Max LTV/CLTV is 90%

Jumbo Mortgage Lenders Program Requirements 

  1. Additional eligibility flexibility over Premiere
  2. FICO credit score minimum: 600
  3. Finance up to $3million for your Florida home
  4. Investment properties are eligible
  5. First-time home buyers are eligible
  6. Max LTV/CLTV is 90%

Florida Jumbo Mortgage Lenders  Program

  1. Additional eligibility flexibility over Premiere and Select options
  2. FICO credit score minimum: 661
  3. Finance up to $3 million
  4. Investment properties are eligible
  5. Non-warrantable condos are allowed
  6. Non-occupant co-borrowers are allowed
  7. Max LTV/CLTV is 90%

Jumbo Mortgage Lenders Options

Our Florida Jumbo Mortgage Lenders term options include:

  1. 15 Year Jumbo Mortgage Lenders
  2. 30 Year Jumbo Mortgage Lenders
  3. Jumbo ARM Terms: 5, 7 year ARM options are also available in Florida

Apply For Your Florida Jumbo Mortgage Lenders

jumbo mortgage lenders  offer a  robust Jumbo Mortgage options