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FHA Mortgage Lenders Allow Non Occupant Co Borrowers

FHA Mortgage Lenders Non-Occupant co borrower
1-Unit properties only. Max mortgage is limited to 75% LTV unless non-occupying co- borrower’s meet FHA definition of ‘family member’. Seller cannot be non-occupant co-borrower. Non-occupant co-borrowers may be added to improve ratios. Non-occupant co-borrowers cannot be used to overcome or offset borrower’s derogatory credit. The non-occupying borrower arrangement may never be used to develop a portfolio of rental properties. The financial contribution by the non-occupying co-borrower and the number of properties owned  may indicate family members are acting as ‘straw buyers.’ FHA Mortgage Lenders will not lend on transactions with non-occupying co-borrowers that fit the above scenario. Non-occupant co-borrowers are not eligible on cash out transactions.


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