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FHA Loans – FHA Fixed Rate Mortgage Programs


Fixed rate loans are FHA’s most popular type of loan. These loans are fully amortized and have no pre-payment penalty.

FHA offers the following terms for the fixed rate real estate mortgage program.

  • 30 year
  • 15 year 

All FHA loans can be paid off or refinanced at any time.  They are assumable but subject to loan qualifying.

This type of loan can be used for any of the following types of properties.

  • single family home
  • 2 units – duplex
  • 3 units – triplex
  • 4 units – fourplex

The maximum FHA loan is subject to where the property is located and they type of property.

Learn about what a FHA loan will require of you when fha home loansLoan Qualifying


FHA Loans – FHA Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan
The FHA adjustable rate mortgage loan (a.k.a. Variable, ARM) is one of the best adjustable rate mortgages available.You may use this FHA loan program for 1-4 unit homes, as well as condominiums, townhomes, and PUDs.FHA does not offer an initial low “teaser” rate like most other adjustable rate mortgages, therefore it will normally start at a slightly higher rate than most other adjustable loans.

FHA adjustable mortgages are designed to protect the home owner from larger payment and interest rates adjustments common with other loans.

The yearly interest can rise or decrease no more than 1% per year vs. 2% for a conventional loan.

The lifetime cap of the FHA adjustable mortgage is no more than 5% over the initial start rate vs. 6% for a conventional loan.

Therefore, a FHA can take 5 years before reaching its maximum rate vs. a conventional loan can cap in only 3 years.

FHA’s adjustable rate mortgage is based on the economic indicator index called the 1-Yr. T-Bill. You can predict what the interest rate will adjust to by working through the ARM interest rate formula which is as follows:

  • Index  + Margin  = Fully Indexed Rate

(current 1 Yr. T-Bill Rate) + (percentage, usually 2.75%) = Interest Rate


  • Index = 5.25%  + Margin of 2.75% = Fully Indexed Rate =   8.00%

Other benefits of the FHA adjustable rate mortgage is that you can “streamline refinance” to a FHA fixed rate mortgage at anytime. Also, since you qualify at the lower start rate, you can qualify for a larger loan amount and a higher sales price home.

Learn how a FHA adjustable rate mortgage will affect you for loan qualification by clicking ra.gif (855 bytes) Here.

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