Below you will find listed some of the most common FHA appriaser required repairs  to help you understand the FHA repair requirments.

The purpose of any FHA mortgage required repair is to correct any deficiencies which could affect the health and safety of the occupants and the continued marketability of the  home. If possible, we suggest that you make any repairs prior to placing your Florida home on the market. By selling your Florida home as “FHA Approved” you will open the door to many more buyers looking for affordable financing. And or help your FHA mortgage refinance go more smoothly. If you are a Florida Real Estate Agent, this can help you understand what items need to be addressed in your transaction.

1. If the Florida home was built prior to 1978 and the home’s paint is chipping the peeling paint must be scraped and repainted. This includes interior, exterior walls, garages, sheds, fences, etc.

2. Any useful components to the home including (appliances, floor covering, etc.) of the Florida home, especially the roof, should have 3 years of useful life remaining.

3. Any Broken windows and doors should be replaced.

4. The cause of negative drainage must be cured (i.e., improve drainage away from house, gutters, french drains, etc.

5. Health and safety hazards (i.e. pool must be clean of algae, electric garage door opener wont reverse with resistance; burglar bars). 

6. Abandoned inoperable water wells must be capped and sealed by a license well sealing contractor.

7. Safety handrails should be installed in open stairwells or three or more stairs.

8. Infestation of any kind should be exterminated (i.e., insects, mice, bats, etc.)

9. Damaged or inoperable plumbing, electric and heating systems should be repaired. The FHA appraiser is required check these areas.

10. Any Structural or foundation issues must be repaired.

11. Flammable storage tanks must be removed and filler cap sealed from the inside (i.e., buried oil tank).

12. If there is a crawl space, it will be the homeowner’s responsibility to make this area accessible so that it can be thoroughly inspected.

13. Any exposed wiring.

14. Missing or inoperable fire alarms or carbon monoxide detectors.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the more common FHA repairs that come to mind.
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