Loan Documents







  • Clear copy of your driver’s license. Take a picture with your cell phone. Or enlarge, lighten and scan and email.
  • Clear copy of your SS card or Passport, Green card. Take a picture with your cell phone. Or enlarge, lighten and scan.
  • Full (30) days most recent pay stubs. Or awards letters or pension must provide documentation that will continue for at least the next 3 years.
  • Most recent (2) years W 2’s.
  • Most recent (2) years Tax returns including all schedules all pages.
  • Most recent (2) months bank statements for all qualifying accounts EVERY PAGE. (I.E. Pages 1 of 6 (need all 6 pages even blanks). Save PDF to your computer and EMAIL. Bank statements must have either URL address at the bottom or stamped/signed/dated by bank official.
  • Check bank statements for any large deposits or cash deposits within the last 60 days. Lenders can require all deposits to be sourced in order to be used as down payment and or closing cost. Provide copies of checks or documents to source large deposits came from an acceptable source. We will provide a Gift Letter. Gift letters from relatives only.  All lenders will require copy of the donors bank statement with name and address if gift will be received.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Down payment and closing cost funding must be property sourced from an acceptable source to be used.
  • Most recent transaction summary statement for 401K, IRA, or Mutual Fund Accounts, Pensions, Cd’s, Award letters.
  • If using alimony or child support you must provide awards documentation along with proof of 12 months timely for payment history.
  • Copies of Divorce, Foreclosure copy of deed transfer out of your name, and Bankruptcy discharge paper work. ALL PAGES.
  • Proof of payment received for a full 12 months alimony or child support.
  • For buyers, if your landlord is a private party and not a real estate company or management company, provide 12 months consecutive on time canceled rent checks. Contact your bank or go online and print them out. If your landlord is a real-estate company or management company provide management contact information below. Private land lord letters will not work.
  • Purchase and Sales agreement signed by all parties. For pre-approval, contract NOT required.
  • For buyer’s all lenders require a copy of earnest money deposit check front and back clearing your bank account. After the check clears you can go online and print save a PDF copy of the check front and back clearing your bank account and email to us.
  • If you have sold your current home, copy of final settlement statement (HUD-1).
  • Provide A signed and dated letter of explanation to explain for any gaps in your employment history within the most recent 2 years, seasonal work or time off if applies for the past most recent 2 years.
  • If you own other real estate, please provide Copies of Leases, Property tax statements, Homeowners Insurance Statements.


  • Applicant 1) Please provide verification of employment contact, email, fax or phone numbers:
  • Applicant 2) Please provide verification of employment contact, email, fax or phone numbers:
  • (VOR) Verification of Rent- Please provide a Real Estate Management company contact Email, Fax, Phone numbers if you have one:
  • Homeowners Insurance Agent-Provide name, contact name Email address and phone. if you have one:
  • Title Agent that gave the good faith deposit to -Please provide name, contact name email address and phone, If you have one:
  • Realtor Name, Email, contact phone numbers, if you have one:


  • FHA/VA Buyers- A mandatory clause signed by all parties to the transaction. Must be dated the same day as the offer to purchase. We will provide.
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