Florida FHA Manufactured Home loan, FHA Purchase and Refinance: Eligible Florida Manufactured loan collateral

  • Florida manufactured home loan must meet FHA/HUD(Minimum Property Requirements) or MPS (Minimum Property Standards) on Florida manufactured home loans housing per HUD’s FHA home loan guidelines.
  • The Florida manufactured home loan foundation must follow Florida FHA manufactured home loan guidelines as published in PFGMH (The Permanent Foundation Guide for Florida FHA Manufactured Home loans). 
  • Florida manufactured home loan must have been constructed after 1993 – cannot be > 20 years old.
  • Florida manufactured home loan must have minimum 400 sq ft floor area.


    FHA Loans for Buying a Florida Home or FHA Refinance Mortgages 


  • Florida manufactured home loan must be classified as real estate and must be permanently affixed to the Florida manufactured home loan foundation.  The title policy must clearly state the Florida manufactured home loan is manufactured home and land is classified as real estate.  Certification of purged Florida manufactured home loan Florida title policy is required.
  • Any changes to the original Florida manufactured home loan after leaving the factory require an inspection by the Florida Administrative Agency. 
  • The Florida manufactured home loan finished grade elevation beneath the Florida manufactured home loan home/lowest finished exterior grade (ie: basement) adjacent to the perimeter enclosure must be at or above the 100-year return frequency flood elevation (flood zones A or V) and flood insurance is required. 
  • The Florida manufactured home loan perimeter wall must be a continuous wall, adequately secured to the unit, separates the crawl space from back fill, allows for proper ventilation of the crawl space and keeps out vermin and water. 
  • Termite report is required
  • New Florida manufactured home loan construction requires final inspections completed in accordance with FHA/HUD’s Architectural Processing and Inspections for Florida manufactured home loan FHA Mortgage Insurance.
  • FHA Florida manufactured home loan Appraisal is to be completed of Fannie Mae Form 1004C or 1073 (if located in a condominium project).
  • Appraisal must demonstrate the marketability of the property and contain comparable sales of Florida manufactured home loans.
  • Florida Engineers Certification on Foundation Compliance is required unless transaction is a Streamline Refi or HUD REO.
  • Maximum Florida manufactured home loan mortgage term is 30 years
  • No mobile homes allowed.
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