Land and Home Florida manufactured home loans are a highly specialized field. To do it right, to do it fast, requires a detailed knowledge of how these Florida manufactured home loans work. Unfortunately most Florida home loan officers have no real idea that A Florida manufactured home loan does not fall within the guidelines of the standard Florida mortgage programs products they work with. As a result, we get calls almost daily from frustrated Florida manufactured home loan applicants who were being told that “everything was fine with their Florida manufactured home loan and that they would be closing shortly. By the time they call us they have usually received a last minute phone call telling them “I’m sorry, we just figured out that this was a Florida manufactured home loan and we can’t close this for you.”



FHA Loans for Buying a Florida Home or FHA Refinance Mortgages 




  1. 3.5% down payment for Florida manufactured home with Land!
  2. Credit must be minimum credit scores = 580
  3. Seller can credit up to 6% of the sales price to cover closing.
  4. 65,000 Minimum Florida manufactured +land home loan amount.
  5. Florida manufactured home with Land must be No Older than 20 years old
  6. Manufactured Florida home loans to lower your rate and payment:
  7. Full income documentation only.
  8. Manufactured Change Rate Term up to 97.75%
  9. Manufactured Cash Out up to 85%/ Home Equity Loans: Not allowed for single wide homes.
  10. Florida Refinance Debt Consolidation 85%/ Pay Off Bills.


Don’t let the MISTAKE of not working with a lender that does not specialize in Florida manufactrued home loans. Trust your land and Florida home loan to the manufactured home loan specialists and take advantage of our Florida FHA manufactured land and home loans, or take your chances somewhere else. With Florida FHA mortgage rates still near the 50 year lows you owe it to apply with a true Florida manifested home loan lender.If you still have an Adjustable Rate Florida Mortgage (ARM) we would highly recommend that you get yourself locked into a Florida FHA fixed rate while we are at the most advantageous time. Don’t let your Florida mortgage monthly payments escalate out of control. 


MANUFACTURED HOME LOAN FHA APPRIASAL: Appraisal (FHA Purchase) Satisfactory FHA appraisal with case number on report and reflecting any seller concessions. Provide a copy of the appraiser’s current Florida FHA appraisers license, evidence of the appraiser’s E&O insurance and an invoice for the FHA appraisal report. Florida FHA appraiser to verify all utilities and mechanical systems were on and in working order at time of inspection *OR* provide appraisal update(1004D) verifying the same.

MANUFACTRUED HOME LOAN SURVEY: Title company to provide ALTA 7 title endorsement similar) for Florida manufactured dwellings.

MANUFACTRUED HOME LOAN ELIVATION CERTIFICATION: An elevation certificate is required *IF* the Florida manufactured home is located in a flood hazard area. Must be prepared by licensed engineer or surveyor and based on finished construction. Must indicate that finished grade beneath the dwelling is at or above the 100yr return frequency elevation. (Florida manufactured homes with a basement, the grade beneath the basement must be at or above the 100yr return frequency elevation)

MANUFACTURED HOME ADDITIONS: *IF* additions have been made to a Florida manufactured home loan dwelling, provide certification from the local authority that governs Florida manufactured housing. Must state that the Florida manufactured home addition meets all applicable local/Florida codes/specs. (if no local authority exists, a licensed Florida engineer may certify the addition to the property)

MANUFACTURED FHA HOME LOAN BORROWER TO PROVIDE: Engineer’s Foundation Provide copy of engineer’s foundation report verifying subject foundation meets HUD/FHA Florida manufactured home loan permanent foundation guidelines (PFGMH dated September1996). Must also verify subject property has not been moved from another location and that no changes to the original Florida manufactured home structure have been made. (must be stamped/sealed by an licensed Florida structural engineer)

MANUFACTURED HOME LENDER TO PROVIDE:  Acceptable Florida well and/or septic certification/inspection.

MANUFACTREUD HOME LOAN WELL TO SEPTIC FEASIBILITY: Appraiser must address the costs and feasibility of converting the current well and / or septic system from private to public.

MANUFACTURED HOME LOAN WELL AND SEPTIC: Appraiser to verify the Well/Septic Distances distance between the well and property line, septic tank and septic drain field. The distances must be at least 10, 50 and 100 feet respectively.

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