The VA does not have a minimum credit score requirement. The VA simply requires that Florida mortgage applicants represent a satisfactory credit risk. But ultimately VA Florida mortgage lenders issue VA loans with a minimum 580 credit score. It’s up to the VA Florida mortgage lender to determine whether or not your credit score meets the minimum VA mortgage guidelines.  If you find that your credit score s are too low, there is still hope. There are a number of ways in which we can help you raise your credit score to meet a VA Florida mortgage lender’s minimum credit score requirements.


First, remember that the only acceptable co-borrower on a loan is a spouse or another veteran. It’s important to note that if there is a co-borrower, such as your spouse on the loan, both parties on the VA mortgage will have to meet both VA and the Florida VA lenders minimum credit requirements.

Most married couples apply for a Florida VA mortgage together, with each obliged on the VA mortgage note. There are many different reasons why, but usually a husband or wife can qualify more income using both applicants purchase the Florida home of their dreams.  Adding a co borrowers second income of a spouse can sometimes greatly increase the purchasing power and lowers the debt-to-income ratio. In the current state of the economy, most VA Florida mortgage lenders are often looking for a score of at least 660 from both parties on a VA mortgage application. At www.Florida-Mortgage-lenders .com we provide a Mortgage loans down to a 580 fico score.

Florida VA mortgage applicants can approach this problem from a couple of different directions. The first is to see if you can get preapproved for the desired VA mortgage amount using both income and credit using both borrowers. If one VA mortgage applicants credit does not meet the VA requirements we may be able to help you quickly increase your credit score.  Sometimes it can be a simple fix, but not all prospective borrowers will be so lucky. Most borrowers with credit issues find that with our expert advise the problem can be solved fairly quickly.


As Florida VA mortgage experts after reviewing your credit we will  put you on the path the VA mortgage qualifying. Most often there are a number of different factors collectively contribute to a low credit score. Raising your score means fixing these issues. Some issues found in your credit report can be fixed quickly, while others may take some time. Either way, boosting your credit score requires a commitment and determination on your part. When you’re ready, your hard work and dedication will pay off with a VA mortgage pre-qualification.

This is our specialty. We have a dedicated team of VA Florida mortgage professionals  who help prospective VA Florida mortgage applicants who haven’t quite cleared the credit hurdle. Our VA mortgage department is full of experts that work one-on-one with Florida VA mortgage applicants veterans and active military by providing simple, concrete steps to boosting their credit score. This VA bad credit mortgage service absolutely a free service that we offer for veterans and active service members so they get qualified..

All you have to do is take the first step and Fill out our no-obligation FULL MORTGAGE APPLICATION to speak with a Florida VA Mortgage expert.

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